Polish-European Market

Delicious Food

Delicious European Food

Organic kielbasa sausages
Cheese and vegetables
Poultry cold cuts

Polish Grocery Store in Mt. Pocono

We invite you to the newly opened store! We offer the freshest and highest quality Polish products: dumplings, Polish sausages, cheese, cold cuts, juices, sweets and much, much more.

Visit us today. Our address is:
3308 PA-940 Suite 103 Mt Pocono, PA 18344

Pierogi, pyrohy or dumplings


Carl Clifton
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I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite polish deli in the Poconos.
They have a wide variety of in-house and imported smoked meats and cheeses. The staff has always been very friendly and helpful.

The ladies that work the counter have gone above and beyond insisting I try a plethora of their products until I found what I wanted.
I have yet to be disappointed with anything I have tried and still never know what to get as it is all so good!

**Plus it’s always a good sign when a deli wraps your order in paper**

Their shelves are stocked high with everything from imported candies to jarred mushrooms you don’t typically find in the grocery store.

This place is definitely worth while, authentic, and I hope they stick around for years to come!
T. Jordan
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Nostalgic.. As soon as you enter you're warmly greeted by the smile & hello of the Lovely Lady running the place..

On your left there's an AMAZING selection of colorful packages of yummy looking goodies! The enticing array of candies, cookies, chips, along with other flavorful memorable snacks/deli meats will draw you in! So many choices!☺️ I'm sure anything you purchase & try will remind you of a favorite childhood treat! Please stop in & check them out..

Support this small business..
M. V.M.
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A great variety of fresh, delicious food, including home made pierogi and an amazing selection of smoked meats and fish all made in house, including organic options.

There's also baked goods and imported snacks, sweets, tinned meats, and soup bases.

The staff/owners are so kind and friendly! A true gem and my family's new go-to place for all things Polish!
Kim Russel
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I was so excited to go to this brand new polish store!! When I went there the workers greeted me nicely and the store looked so clean! They were all wearing masks which was a great thing to see! The food was all fresh and the ham and cheese that I bought was so good I finished it in 1 day!

I will definitely be coming back here and this is were I will be going to get my delicous goods to eat! And this store is not expensive surprisingly I bought so much and paid so little for everything that I bought compared to the other polish stores in the area!!

Very happy will be coming back here very vey soon!!



3308 PA-940 Suite 103

Mt Pocono, PA 18344

Phone: 570-839-7700